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Investiere in Erinnerungen

Jetzt, wo du dich vermutlich auf das Offensichtliche, wie Brautkleid, Blumen, Gästeliste und so weiter konzentrierst, bemerkst du vielleicht nicht, wie wichtig Fotografie ist – Fotografie ist neben Erinnerungen und Beziehungen, wirklich das einzige, was über deinen Hochzeitstag hinausgeht. Fotos steigern ihren Wert im Laufe der Zeit, wenn die Bilder über Generationen weitergegeben werden. 



the Experience




I am here to guide you through and make you feel comfortable the way you are - no posed moments or awkward expressions. I try to sustain a perfect balance between giving suggestions, when needed and letting it flow naturally. My style is heavily focused on the real moment. I  just want you to have a good time being you.


I am fortunate to call myself a local to Byron Bay, I know all the good photo locations and secrete nature spots, venues and vendors. I have shot over 100 weddings. I am here to give you advice wherever needed. 


My photos are a mastery of the soft, organic, classic and timeless look that film would provide. I draw my inspiration from natural light and human connection. I am interested in telling stories, in showing the subtleties, the underlying levels of being in present moments. I make sure my work is reflective of who my couples are and how things actually felt. 


I am not a vendor and you my client - I want to see us as friends. It might sound a bit weird and cheesy. I just stress the importance of connection, because I make my best work for couples I consider friends.


With my love for this beautiful planet, I am highly aware of the environmental impact we have on it. That’s why nature is at heart of all my (business) decisions.


I hold space for every individual who connects with my work - LGBT, non-binary, gender fluid folks are welcome. I love culturally diverse weddings. I have a lot of experience documenting indian weddings.


I am a full on supporter of couples who want to do it their way and break traditions. Whatever you want to document, I am here.

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