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Colour Coordination


Don't wear the same outfits and same colour combination for every family member, that looks overly matching and not natural. You can create a great look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit (so no jeans and white T-shirts please). Instead, select a colour scheme and put colours together that complement each other, for a more natural look . A good start is to select two main colours and then add softer tones to it. It is worthwhile to search Pinterest for complementary colours to get an idea of what fits together. 

Another great thing to consider is the location of your photo session. Will you be going to the beach with a lot of neutral tones and blues in the background or will you be in the bush with more greens around you? Select a colour palette for your outfits that will complement the setting of your photo session.

I recommend to avoid black or navy or any other super dark colours + bright and neon colours. Neutral, light to medium colours will look best. They can also be referred to as earth tones. They go with almost anything. Neutrals are things like off-white, grey, cream, taupe, etc. Sticking to all or mostly neutrals is the easiest route to take, because all neutrals go together, so you can’t mess it up!The brighter the color, the less there should be. It is nice to have earth colours as a basic and have some brighter fuller colours pop out in a pattern or accessory. 

Mix it up + the Power of Texture

Mix things up with different cuts and textures. Maybe girls in skirts and boys in chinos while dad wears jeans etc. long skirts for mum work great too! Textures can really add a lot of interest in your photos, but in a more subtle way.  I suggest you add as much texture as possible! You can’t have too much (unlike patterns). Some textures I love are lace, corduroy, knits, chambray, gauzy or crepe fabrics, velvet, swiss dots, and waffle cloth.

Check your Home Decor 


Check your Home Decor 

Often images will be displayed in the living room, dining area, hall ways or bedrooms. So you want to consider your home decor style and make sure that the clothing blends in.

Avoid distracting patterns and big logos


Big logos and text on t-shirts and abstract patterns can overpower your photo. Try and avoid items that clash and stick to one pattern. Be careful with patterns but don’t be afraid of them! Thin stripes can do odd things in photos but large floral patterns on dresses can be great! Just make sure all the colours are in your colour palette. It often works to have one person in a print and base the rest of the colours others wear off that print to tie it all together.

Dress for the Season + Location

Make sure to think about the weather when deciding what to wear for your family photos. If it’s going to be hot out, pick a more breathable fabric. If it’s going to be cold, look for a long-sleeved dress, or bring a chunky knit cardigan to go over the top. Chunky knits are great because you can wear them off your shoulders and it looks amazing, and then between shots, you can cuddle up and get warm.

Basically wear what you would usually wear in that specific weather/season in that specific location. An extreme example is, that a party dress wouldn't look natural on a beach in winter. 

Wear something that is YOU

It is most important to stay true to yourself and select outfits that you would normally wear and you feel comfortable in. 

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