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I create custom offers for my clients and tailor to your needs.

Minimum 3 Hours?

I love micro-weddings and elopements, but I am only able to sacrifice a few weekends of the year for a small weddings -  as I am usually booked out with 6 + hour weddings on weekends. To keep my business running, I only accept 3 hour minimum wedding bookings. This is, in my opinion, also the minimum time it takes to create a  good visual story. If you plan to marry on a weekday, I can be more flexible if you wanted to book me for less than 3 hours. 


Unpaid Breaks?

Hours are usually consecutive. We can discuss eventual unpaid breaks, if you have a long gap in your wedding time line.

Book more hours on the day?

You can add additional hours on the actual wedding day at 350 AUD per hour.

How many images are included?

You get around 80 plus good photos per hour of wedding day photography. It works out to be more usually, but also depends on how eventful your wedding is. If there’s a lot going on, there will be more, than if it is just me and everyone is having coffee and catching up on old times. I will however promise you that the essence of your day will be captured.

When do we get the photos?

All photo sessions are prioritised in order of date. It can take between 3 to 6 weeks to complete all editing and special finishes. I send you a couple of sneak peak photos within a few days after the wedding. I know you will be curious! Delivery time of Photo Albums and Prints varies, depending on product, between 1 to 8 weeks after you receive the web-gallery.


Do you deliver RAW Files?

I shoot and edit every wedding in RAW to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and colour information is available for my editing. However, I deliver edited and finished high-resolution JPEG files and do not include RAW files. It's kind of like asking a cake maker for raw ingredients rather than the cake itself.


Travel costs?

I travel for free within 20 km of Byron Bay. If your wedding is outside of the area, travel costs apply at the national standard of 82 cents per km.


Do I need a second photographer?

I recommend a second photographer for weddings with over 100 guests or “getting ready” shootings on multiple occasions quite far away from each other. It is not essential for smaller weddings, as an extra person can actually be in the way.

What is your cancellation policy?

The retainer of 50 %  is non-refundable if you cancel after 6 months before the wedding. I am reserving the day for you, which means that I decline a lot of other jobs. To keep my business running, I will need to keep the retainer. I hope you understand. If i have spontaneous booking for that day, I will of course refund you the retainer. If you have to change the wedding day to another day, I am okay with that too. We just have to discuss my availability. 


Once I received the retainer, I am completely committed to you. It has never happened that I had to cancel a wedding- but if this was to happen, rest assured that I am equipped for the unforeseen. I work with a couple of excellent photographers who can jump in for me in case of emergencies. The editing and all postproduction work will still be done by myself. 

That covid thing & natural disasters

Things have become more difficult to plan due to pandemics and natural disasters. If you need to change the date, that’s okay for me and we can see what other dates are available. If you need to downgrade to less hours due to unforeseen circumstances, that’s fine for me to.


Can you shoot in bad weather + light conditions?

I can make amazing photos in every circumstance and adjust to your wedding time line and weather of the day.  Simultaneously, there are things about chasing the perfect light and timing which, if considered, create a perfect condition for amazing photos. Let’s talk about it and create the best possible circumstance.

Couple Shots and First Look

I do always include extra time for individual portraits and couple sessions. It is the time of the wedding day, where you can get away from the crowd with me and have some peace with each other. They are the photos that you very likely appreciate the most in future. Some couples have an additional “First Look Shoot”. The first look of bride and groom would be untraditionally before the ceremony in privacy and I document the reaction. I also like to be there for the “Getting Ready” of Bride and Groom. I love capturing the intimacy between friends, bride and groom in the beginning of the day and I get a lot of heartfelt and candid shots from that.

Are you scouting the location?

I know most locations in the Byron Shire and surroundings, so I know where on site and what time of the day photos work best. If I don’t know the location, rest assured, that I will visit the site beforehand to understand the venue. I might not be able to do that if its a private Air BnB  - I would just come earlier on the day to have a look around.

Do you work off shot lists?

I do not generally work off  a shot list.  You’re hiring me for my creativity. Working off a shot list means your photographs are not unique or true to you! I do of course make sure I know what is most important for you and shoot whatever you request + have the basics always covered - like venue shot, bridal entrance, cake cutting, Saptapadi in Indian weddings etc.

Can I have Group Shots and Family Portraits?

Yes of course! Obviously it is your day, and I will do my best to get all the photos you want, but keep in mind that even with the best ushering in the world it can still take 5 minutes to find and arrange a group of people for a photo. 45 minutes of your precious photography time are easily gone. So try to keep the number of shots small & choose the VIPs - no more than 5 or 6 is ideal. Close Family and Wedding Party Group Shots are the standard. It’s often super helpful if you can nominate an usher/friend/bridesmaid etc (or 2!) to help arrange and corral the people for the above photos and to help keep things as smooth and quick as possible on the day. Ideally someone in the bride/grooms party who knows most of the key people and someone happy to shout and organise people! Often I’ll reach out to them before the wedding to say hello and make sure they’ve got a copy of a list of the images we need.


I am kind of awkward and not photogenic!

I like to achieve the perfect mixture of being passive in documenting what is happening in a natural way - and on the other side guiding you and giving adivce and ideas when needed. I want you to feel comfortable the way you are. Most of us are not models, and most of us aren’t really sure what to do in front of the camera. I can promise you, every couple you see on my website has said the same thing and then they were surprised how easy it was and happy with the results. I give you a basic pose, if needed and let you guys go from there. It is more fun and informal than you may think. If you’re really unsure about being in front of the camera, then maybe an engagement session is a good start? It is here, where we get rid of all your nerves and learn to be familiar with being photographed.


Will you block my guests’ view?

I do try to be as ninja-like as possible. I communicate with other suppliers and videographers to make sure that I am as least intrusive as possible. I have no issues with videographers at all. At the start of the day, we usually have a chat if we have not worked together before.

Should we look into the camera or away?

Most of the day I will do a photo documentary, so I like you to act naturally. There is no need to always look into the camera. At times an eye-gaze directly into the lens can fit though, and  I will let you know, if it doesn’t happen naturally anyway. The same applies to Couple Photography, where we set you consciously in scene and I might give more instructions.



Do you take breaks?

I do, but only short and when not much is happening and I’m absolutely gasping for a drink. Keeping up concentration for long periods of time can get tiring - so if you see me having a glass of water you know why. I will have a short break to eat something when I am present for more than 5 hours. I always eat when the wedding party does, to ensure I don’t miss any special moments. So I stop when you’re eating as well. No one looks good while they’re eating. I will make sure the decoration and general dining mood is captured before pausing. I also won’t take an exaggerated amount of time for eating.


Do I need to provide food?

I will send a questionnaire 2 weeks before the wedding date, and one question is whether I am catered for. I never demand it, all I ask is to be informed, so I know if I need to pack something. If I have to choose a certain meal, please let me know. I am vegetarian. Catering is not necessary for weddings under 5 hours, as I usually won’t take a break.

What do you wear?

I always like to look festive and feminine. I also need to be able to move around with ease, be fast, eventually climb on top of something. So I am dressed practical and festive.



Are you insured? Do you have backup equipment?

Yes. I am fully insured with both equipment insurance and liability insurance. And yes, I always carry an extra kit with me. I use Sony Equipment.

What is your backup policy for photos?

Backing up your photos is so important! Not only do my cameras have two card slots to make sure the risk of losing your wedding photos is kept to a minimum, I also backup photos across various hard drives once I am at home - or sometimes already in the car or in a break.

What happens if you are sick or injured?

It has never happened that I had to cancel last minute - but if this were to happen, rest assured that I am equipped for the unforeseen. I work with a couple of excellent photographers who can jump in for me in case of emergencies. The editing and all postproduction work will still be done by myself.


You have the freedom to personally share, print and use your images. I will be happy if you do! What you can’t do is provide them for commercial use - so if your wedding venue or makeup artist contacts you about using my photographs to promote their business, just send them my way and I would be happy to work out a usage agreement. Copyrights belong to the artist indefinitely, unless they sell those rights to the client. Whenever a photograph is shared or displayed in public (Like Instagram and Facebook), it must be accompanied by credit to the creator. My photography is as an art and a labor of love. Photo credits are not only appreciated, they also say “thank you”. Credits are also an essential part in keeping my business going. I would appreciate your support and be immensely grateful if you recommend me to friends and family. Please do not apply your own  filters overtop  the carefully crafted edits, if uploading to services like Instagram with my credits. If you do, please mention that the editing is done by you. Thank you for understanding! 


Will my photos show up on your website?

It’s important for me to show my current work on my website and social media. You do have a choice and can say no. Let me know if this is a concern for you and we can talk about it.


With my love for this beautiful planet, I became highly aware of the environmental impact we have on it. That’s why nature is at heart of all my (business) decisions. Here is what that means:


I work as local as possible, accepting weddings in Northern Rivers, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane. I usually fly to Austria once a year to visit my family. While I am there I also accept European bookings. I will always stay longer in one destination and combine things if possible. I also do phone or video calls for client meetings, so we don’t have to travel far to meet in person.


Leave no Trace 

I am a “Leave No Trace” certified photographer. This means I’ll do everything in my power to not interfere with the natural processes of the earth and leave the outdoors as we found it.

Sustainable Business Account

I am in the process of switching to a business bank account with a sustainable bank. I am very conscious when it comes to all my other business investments. Transparency is important to me. You can ask me anything!

Sustainable Vendor Collaborations

I do collaborate with sustainable vendors, like plant based caterers, and offer occasional rebates - check my instagram for news.


Power and High Quality Gear

I make sure I don’t use phantom electricity, by turning off all my gear, displays, printers etc. I use rechargeable batteries and I invest in high quality durable gear. My long term plan is to switch to solar energy and/or signing up with a green electricity provider.



I decided for sustainability reasons to invest into a better Online Gallery experience as the main service. I donate to [] to  PLANT TREES  with every USB-Foto-Box I send to my clients. If you decide for an upgrade and order photobooks and prints, you can still feel good about your decision, as the products are made of durable material and last a life time.

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